Datawatch Modeler (formerly Monarch Professional) for DocuAnalyzer Users


Does your organization rely on DocuAnalyzer for data mining and analytics on documents contained in the ASG Mobius ViewDirect archiving and storage system?

DocuAnalyzer is a private label version of Datawatch’s Modeler (formerly Monarch) technology, one of the world’s most widely used information optimization solutions. As you may know, ASG is no longer selling the DocuAnalyzer solution. So now what do you do? 

The Answer:  Datawatch Modeler

All DocuAnalyzer customers are on an earlier version of Datawatch’s Monarch technology. In addition, most DocuAnalyzer customers are on the standard version of Monarch, which was discontinued in 2011. The current release of Datawatch Modeler (formerly Monarch Professional) has many new features and capabilities, as well as a modern look and feel. 

With Datawatch Modeler, you can bring all the data that you need to manage your business to life, whether that information is stored in structured sources like databases, or in less conventional places like unstructured or semi-structured EDI streams, PDF files, reports, or text files.  With the power of the Datawatch Modeler engine, the information can be evaluated, organized, and integrated to provide a 360 degree view of any type of business issue or opportunity.  

And best of all – you can increase your investment in DocuAnalyzer because the models and reports you created in DocuAnalyzer are fully compatible with Datawatch Modeler – so no need to recreate your models or rewrite your reports!

Datawatch Modeler includes the following key features:

  • Provides powerful self-service data extraction from all types of existing reports and report modeling
  • Analyzes data quickly and intuitively with features including filtering, sorting, aggregation, and drilling
  • Supports 64-bit platforms and available on Windows 7
  • Analyzes structured, semi-structured, and unstructured report-based data
  • Customizes, analyzes, and visualizes data in a variety of views
  • Exports data to a variety of popular formats including Excel, PDF, HTML, Access, XML, and text
  • Works with virtually any organizational report, including print files, spool files, text files, PDF files, formatted ASCII files, and more   

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